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Ericsson F221 / F221m / FCT221 - The Ericsson F221m is
the ideal choice for remote offices requiring telephone and
data connectivity where there is no ordinary telephone service.

Ericsson F221m Fixed cellular Terminal

The F221m Wireless Landline is a triple band GSM fixed cellular terminal to which traditional fixed telephony and data equipment can be connected.

The F221 fixed cellular terminal is a wireless communication solution that provides standard telephony and IP services for both voice and data. This includes GPRS and allows high speed internet access on an 'always connected' basis when no traditinal fixed infrastructure (PSTN) is available, or if an additional phone line is required.

The F221m Wireless Landline is also used for Telemetry, Security and Remote applications. The Ericsson f221m is now approved for use on Telstra Mobile Networks. (Optional Faxstream Duet Mode Available)


The F221m Fixed Wireless Landline is ideal for Maritime applications and currently used by navy, ferries and general shipping worldwide. Connected to the analogue trunk of the ship, the F221 fixed cellular terminal provides an automatic low-cost routing service through the GSM network, which means a significant cost saving compared with traditional satellite communication. It works in every country except Japan.


The terminal features the latest technology, making it an effective solution for everyday communication:

  • Triple band GSM (E-GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900)
  • POTS analogue line interface providing voice, group 3 fax and V.90 data transmission
  • GPRS (Always on)
  • HSCSD High Speed Circuit Switched Data
  • Embedded modem available over the RS232 port
  • Built-in SMS supervision function
  • Battery back-up
  • Speech codec's: Half Rate, Full Rate and Enhanced Full Rate
  • SMA Female Connector For External Antennas
  • Send /Receive SMS messages through the PC or using F200 SMS Handset


Key benefits for the operators:

  • The F221m Wireless Landline provides an effective use of radio resources for GSM WLL solution
  • The F221m Wireless Landline is a future proof investment as it follows the GSM evolution path
  • The F221m Wireless Landline increases the GSM traffic by providing fixed line services over the GSM
  • The F221m Wireless Landline is a plug & play terminal. It can be easily installed by the end user

Key benefits for the subscriber at home:

  • The F221m Wireless Landline provides services through the GSM network which depending on the operator facilities and type of line (analogue-digital) can no be supported by a fixed line (e.g. SMS, Call Hold, Call Waiting, Call Forward, Multiparty, Call Transfer, Call Barring, Fixed number dialling and Alternate Line Service
  • The F221m Wireless Landline provides an alternative route of access to communications (for voice and data) when no fixed infrastructure is available or when an additional line to the one(s) already existing is required
  • The F221m Wireless Landline is equipped with optional power back-up
  • The F221m Wireless Landline performs the latest GSM data-transmission for Internet with high speed data transmission (HSCSD) and the possibility of being always on (GPRS)

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